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To Fix Or Not To Fix

8th Nov 2018

With official cash rates on hold for just over 2 years, is now the time to fix your home loan interest rates? It would be crystal ball gazing to suggest where interest rates are going. We will leave that up to the economists. Some of the trends we a... more details

The Banking Royal Commission

24th Oct 2018

Did you know that there was a Royal Commission into the banking and insurance industries? If you haven’t can you please send us the address of the rock you are living under, because we want to come live with you. If you have it seems that fina... more details

Have a great home loan experience while helping your local community

26th Sep 2018

Let’s face the reality, commercial banks are a business, and the more profit that they can make the better it is for them.  Every home loan adds to that profit, and almost always means that the profit leaves our communities. But, There i... more details

Are your tax liabilities up to date?

30th Aug 2018

Many small businesses have previously treated the ATO as an overdraft or line of credit to fund their business when cash flow has been tight.  While this was never a great idea, it is now worse than ever to do this.  But why?Firstly, until ... more details

Why Rent?

27th Aug 2018

Did you know that with current interest rates (based on an interest rate of 3.75%) each $100 per week in rent you pay may support a loan of about $95,000? So, if you’re paying $400 a week rent you may be able to support a loan of $380,000. If y... more details

How a mortgage broker gets paid and why

13th Aug 2018

If you use a mortgage broker, you do not pay for their services – the lender that gets your business pays the broker for your business. Across the board the payments from most lenders does not vary much so there should be no bias in the lenders... more details

Why should I use a broker? I can find a good deal myself

31st Jul 2018

There are lots of places on the internet that provide comparisons, you can troll the net yourself and visit lots of lender websites, or you can go old school and visit a branch of all your local lenders to ask questions. The problem is that lenders ... more details

Is Lenders Mortgage Insurance the best investment you can make?

25th Jun 2018

There are several ways to borrow to buy a home – but the two most common are save the 20% deposit that most lenders require or buy Lenders Mortgage Insurance. There are other options, have a look at our other blogs to find out more. Looking at... more details

Rural Lifestyle Homes

24th May 2018

Many people have the dream of owning a few acres to give their kids room to play and explore, have a horse or two, or to just enjoy the privacy of a larger block. The trouble is that depending on your lender a block larger than 10 or 20 acres can be ... more details

Planning to buy a property off the plan?

24th Apr 2018

An off the plan purchase takes place where a developer needs to pre-sell units in order to obtain finance for their development. Often you will find that these units are offered at a discount to the market initially in order to get those first sales ... more details