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Business Insurance Premium Loans

10th Nov 2017

David introduces you to a new service from Regional Finance Solutions. ... more details

What’s up with interest rates? Is it time to lock them in?

31st Jul 2017

Recent market events and analyst talk appears to be pointing towards rate rises.  What’s behind this? Over the past few months lender regulators have been imposing more and more rules and restrictions on home loans, especially investor ... more details

Changes to Investment Loans

6th Jul 2017

Important information regarding interest only investment property loans We have seen over the last 2-3 months regular out of cycle interest rate increases on variable rate investment property loans where repayments are being made on an interest only... more details

Buying Property in your Self Managed Super Fund

26th Jun 2017

Buying property inside your superannuation has become an increasingly popular investment strategy. This eBook guides you through all the complexities and legalities. Combining expertise in financial planning, effective borrowing, commercial real esta... more details

Short term unsecured business loans

24th May 2017

Short term unsecured business loans, are they good for business? If you are in business for yourself no doubt that your email box, social media pages, and mail box have been overflowing with offers from any number of lenders and brokers offering &ld... more details

Smashed Avo Is Not The Problem

18th May 2017

The poor old avocado is back on the hitlist of “millionaire” property owners, baby boomers and politicians. The apparent lack of ability of would-be homebuyers to give up their avocado, daily coffee or other little luxuries is somehow to ... more details

$20,000 Accelerated Depreciation of New Assets

15th May 2017

Bring it on with tax time looming, a special read for our small business clients and friends. Wow, only 6 weeks or so to go until June 30, time to do some tax planning before the ATO gets too good a hold on you.  Did you know that for many busi... more details

The IOA Loan and how it can help your tax position

5th May 2017

Disclaimer: The below information is generic in advice. Specific tax advice should be sought from your tax adviser with regard to your own situation and need. The end of financial year is coming around again, and fast. For investors in both commerci... more details

Does your Mortgage Professional stand out from the Crowd?

31st Mar 2017

We like the freedom to choose. It gives us control. So imagine now if Nestle owned Woolworths. Do you think your choice to buy other brands in Woolworths might become limited? If you do, you may want to think about this next time you are looking for... more details

Franchise Finance

20th Mar 2017

Are you looking for a loan or finance to buy an existing franchise, or a new one? At Regional Finance Solutions, we are here to listen and work with you to get the best possible solution to your financial needs. We will consult with you, your accou... more details

The "Credit Rating" myth

30th Jan 2017

All too often we hear of young people told to go out and get a loan to establish a Credit Rating, but is it true? What is a Credit Rating? A “credit rating” should not be confused with your credit score that is provided by a common cred... more details