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Latest news from our business and our industry.

Coming soon the 'Best Interest' Test

27th Nov 2019

If you followed the Banking Royal Commission and the subsequent media reporting you will have heard about a new “Best Interest Duty” that is being introduced for the broking industry. Lets be clear on one thing though, for us what is in y...

Negative interest rates

23rd Aug 2019

Banks paying off your home loan Recently a Danish bank launched what is believed to be the first home loan with a negative interest rate – a 10 year fixed rate loan with a rate of minus 0.5% - yes this means that every month when you make your...

Life is about choice

25th Jun 2019

Every day we make choices. Get out of bed? Vegemite or peanut butter on toast? Go to work?  Many of these choices are so simple that we make them automatically and they really don’t require that much thought. Then we have the bigger choic...

The Tail of the Lazy Mortgage

24th May 2019

(or in our world, “grandfathering”). How long have you had your home loan? 3 years? 5 years? Have you been caught by the ‘lazy mortgage’ trap? Let’s explain what this means. Think back to when you got your home...

5 Tips to becoming financially savvy

29th Apr 2019

We all dream of being financially secure. It is not as hard as it may seem with these 5 tips below you can begin that journey 1. Living within your means is spending less than what you earn per week. With easy access to credit cards, personal loans...

If you saw $50 lying on the footpath would you pick it up?

20th Mar 2019

In the home loan world the equivalent is being able to get a better deal and not taking advantage of it.  Say for example you initially took out a home loan over 30 years that had an initial discounted 2-year fixed rate, then reverts to the stan...

Royal Commission - It's All About You As Well

25th Feb 2019

Recently the Royal Commission report into Misconduct in banking and insurance has been handed down.  The report highlighted several issues within the industry that need to be resolved. While the report contained 76 recommendations for our indust...

Environmentally Sensitive Banking

4th Feb 2019

We live in a world of constant economic, environmental, social, and cultural change. To a growing number of people in the community these issues also impact on how they want to bank and borrow. While we do not wish to have a debate about the rights ...

If December is the time to be Merry; is January the time to be sorry?

18th Jan 2019

How great is Christmas and all the associated holidays? The lucky ones among us have had a couple of weeks off to spend with family & friends and had a great time.  Now we’re into January and so the hangover begins as the credit card b...