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8 tips to save and pay off your mortgage sooner

26th Oct 2022

It’s no secret that paying off your home loan sooner can save you plenty. However, with cost-of-living pressures and rising interest rates, it can be hard to find extra cash. A series of small changes applied consistently over time could put y...

Mortgage Broker "Best Interest Duty"

26th Sep 2022

If you read our blog from November 2019 we wrote about ASIC Regulatory Guide 273 “Broker Best Interest Duty” we thought that it was time for an update. So, what is a broker’s best interest duty (or obligation).  In simple term...

Easy Business Loans

25th Jul 2022

If you’re in business and personal social media feed is like ours, you are probably currently getting bombarded with ads for ‘easy / quick business loans’. If curiosity got your cat and you clicked on the link, without doubt that bo...

Life with Rising Interest Rates

28th Jun 2022

Right now, more than ever before, you should be paying a little more each month off your home loan. Why, you ask? Many mortgage holders have never lived in a rising interest rate environment, so this is a new world for them. For many who fixed their ...

When 'Moo' Means Money

24th Mar 2022

After several years of drought, it is really pleasing to see most sections of the rural community having a great year – we know that some areas have been flood impacted and there has been some fire activity, so we are talking generally.  I...

How to Become a Mortgage Broker

24th Jan 2022

Have you ever thought about being a mortgage broker? As a career it allows you to control your work/life balance, it can be challenging but is satisfying and rewarding. Becoming a broker can be daunting if you are trying to go it alone – obtai...