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First Home for the Holidays: A Guide for First-Time Buyers in Australia

27th Nov 2023

The holiday season in Australia isn’t just about barbies, beach days, and Boxing Day cricket; it's also a fantastic time for first-time homebuyers to start their journey towards home ownership. Let's explore how you can make the dream of your f...

7 Reasons Why People Hesitate to Refinance Their Mortgage

27th Sep 2023

Refinancing a mortgage can offer homeowners numerous benefits, from securing more favorable interest rates to decreasing your monthly outgoings. Yet, many homeowners hesitate to take this step. Here are seven common reasons why: Lack Of ...

Entering Part IX (Deed of Arrangement) of the Bankruptcy Act

28th Aug 2023

In the complex world of finance, individuals often find themselves facing challenging situations that require tough decisions. One such decision is whether to enter into a Part IX Debt Agreement, also known as a Deed of Arrangement under the Bankrupt...

Equipment Loans in Regional Australia

24th Jul 2023

Regional businesses have always been the lifeblood of our communities. From farms to local businesses, the need for modern equipment to drive efficiency and productivity has never been more important. As the economy changes, so does the demand for eq...

Clawbacks in the Media

20th Apr 2023

Over the last couple of weeks there have been some media reports about broker clawbacks and how these work, so let’s clear the air. When a broker assists you with a loan, the broker gets paid an upfront commission by the lender.  If you r...

6 Mistakes to avoid when refinancing in 2023

24th Mar 2023

With interest rates on the move, many people are shopping around for home loans.  In January, the value of external refinancing for total housing fell 2.1%, but remained close to record highs at $18.6 billion. If you’re considering refinan...

Getting pre-approval for you home loan

30th Jan 2023

While the real estate market is slowing a little many buyers and agents prefer to have finance pre-approved prior to going ‘shopping’.  But how good is that pre-approval?Some lenders do what we call ‘unassessed pre-approvals&rs...