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Have a great home loan experience while helping your local community

26th Sep 2018

Let’s face the reality, commercial banks are a business, and the more profit that they can make the better it is for them.  Every home loan adds to that profit, and almost always means that the profit leaves our communities.

But, There is a Better Way. What if we told you that we have lenders that provide really great service, really great deals, and that their profits are reinvested into our communities rather than lining a CEO’s pay packet or going to international investors.

These lenders are customer owned banks and credit unions.  These lenders do not have shareholders, their charter is to support and provide for their members, and they return their profits to their community through sponsorships, charities, and community involvement.

These are the lenders that sponsor your kid’s footy sides, sponsor local events. Their senior staff live where we live, they experience the local highs and lows with us, they understand our local markets, and most importantly; they care. They shop at the same shops we do, their kids go to school with yours, and they employ local people.

It’s not about profit, it’s about helping people.

We were talking to one of these lenders recently and they were really proud that in the 60 years that they have been trading they have never taken possession of a client’s home. They have worked closely with some of their clients that have been behind in their repayments, often not through any fault of their own, for many years to get the best result for everybody. Just imagine that, a lender trading for 60 years and never sold a client’s home when they were behind, that’s caring, that’s respect.

So, when you want to buy your dream home why not consider a customer owned lender or credit union? They may not have all the ‘bell’s and whistles’ of a big bank, but they get the little things right. They say thank you for your business, their tellers remember your name.  What they do, they generally do well.

Not many brokers deal with these smaller local organisations because it’s just too hard. They need to do more research on their products because the information is not as readily available. And they are dictated to by their buying group who say that they only want relationships with the larger lenders.

We have gone the other way. We have sought out these smaller local mutuals and often we are the first brokers to engage with them.  We want to be able to offer you, our customer, an option of supporting your community when you take out a home loan.

Of course we also offer the products of the commercial lenders and we deal with them daily.  But we also believe strongly in choice and allowing you to join with us and support our community.

So, next time you are looking for a loan, give us a call and ask what our mutual lenders can do for you.  It costs no more, and the feeling of helping your community in your own way could be your reward.