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Quick Fitout Costs Covered

15th Dec 2015

Imagine the double-whammy of ordering extra stock for Christmas AND having to relocate your store with the fitout costs involved!

That’s exactly the scenario that faced one of our clients in December 2015. With limited security available and time of the essence, a bank loan was never going to work for this business.

We were able to secure a short term advance for our clients, using the services of Prospa, a specialist lender to small business. Prospa considers the cash flow of the business, and is prepared to lend up to $250,000 for the short term on an unsecured basis.

Whether it’s to buy up stock, cover debtors, fund a contract or even pay the ATO, Prospa is just one solution that we have at hand here at Regfin.

When it comes to short term finance for business, don’t just try and battle your way through – there is a better way.