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What software do our accountants use?

16th May 2016

Barry Hockey, Barry Hockey Accounting, Team Xero – “I like that it has the ability for the accountant to view how the business is going in real time and publish reports for external sources such as banks and financiers. The Gen Y & Gen X’s seem to be able to learn it quickly and streamline their accounting, which reduces their costs and provides better overall management of their business”

Natalie Power, Powerful Accounting, Team Xero – “I love the way the bank statements download making it easy to code. Xero brilliantly steps you through many processes such as setting up payroll and there are many apps that can interact with Xero like taking a photo of invoices that then feed into your accounts payable with all the data entered. The YouTube videos that act as your “how to” are quick paced and easy to follow”

Rob Caldwell, Crowe Horwath, Neutral – “Both products have outstanding reporting capabilities and it is often a case of which program the client is most familiar with”

Michael Nealand, Michael Nealand Accounting, Team MYOB – “As an accountant I find MYOB is much better due to its superior reporting capabilities and ability to integrate with accounting reporting software. They all do the job though and many people swear by Xero so from a business owner’s perspective it seems to be pretty line ball to me as many business owners seem equally passionate about both. As long as the software meets the needs of the client that’s the most important matter and from there you start worrying about the look and feel.”

Richard Hennessy, Chau & Hennessy, Team Quickbooks – “Quickbooks online is a modern and comprehensive cloud based bookkeeping system specifically designed for business to slash the time you spend managing your business finances, by helping you with all accounting and tax related tasks such as payroll, GST and Profit & loss reporting. It is accessed from an internet browser on any computer or web enabled device whenever, wherever and ensures timely and accurate reporting at competitive costs.”

Steve Oakley, MJ Accountants – Team Xero “I am a Certified Adviser and have had great success in the last year introducing it to clients who want to manage their books but are intimidated by some of the software out there. One of the great selling points for us is that Xero is user-friendly for the business owners, whilst still having the technical bits us accountants need. With everything securely stored in the Cloud, we are able to collaborate with the client, and jump in to assist with any queries. Payroll is excellent too, and we have business owners paying wages with ease from the very beginning.”