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What The Truck

15th Jan 2016

Last year saw record sales of vans and light trucks in Australia, although sales of heavy trucks fell on previous years.

The Truck Industry Council has been lobbying the Australian Senate to provide incentives to improve heavy truck sales given the ageing Australian truck fleet.

Some interesting data regarding the Australian truck industry:

  • There are three truck manufacturers manufacturing trucks in Australia (Volvo, Paccar and CNH Industrial)
  • Since the 1950’s, over 340,000 trucks have been manufactured in Australia
  • 48% of heavy trucks sold in Australia are made here
  • Australian truck manufacturers receive no government subsidies
  • The average age of Australian trucks is 14.8 years
  • Over 175,000 trucks were built before 1996 and pre-date Australian exhaust emission laws or regulations
  • Local manufacturers have the capacity to increase production by 66% every year for the next 5 years
  • New trucks are safer and 60 times cleaner than pre-1996 trucks
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