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Easy Business Loans

25th July 2022

If you’re in business and personal social media feed is like ours, you are probably currently getting bombarded with ads for ‘easy / quick business loans’. If curiosity got your cat and you clicked on the link, without doubt that bombardment has become a torrential flood.

Here’s the drum. In most cases ‘easy and quick’ equals expensive.  These ‘easy and quick’ (plus also marketed as unsecured) loans have their place in the wider market. But if you are in business and need finance on many occasions there are better options.

There are lots of finance brokers out there that understand business lending (or partner with brokers that do) who can and will provide you with professional advice and support to match you with a lender that provides a great outcome for you. Unlike these easy loans that generally have a term no greater than 3 years, a bank business loan could have a term of up to 30 years (you can pay them out earlier, or elect to take a shorter term from the outset), and the interest rates are generally much lower.

Does Regional Finance Solutions provide these short-term loans? Yes, but only after researching a clients’ needs, how urgent the funding is, the purpose, the repayments, the impact on cash flow, and understanding the options available. We will then talk you through the costs and benefits of this type of loan versus other types of business loans.

Our suggestion? If you need finance for your business call a broker that works in the business space and understands business finance. We would love it if your choice was a Regional Finance Solutions broker. But if not us, at least talk to someone for advice.  If you choose to talk to us, call 1800 734 346 and we will match you to a broker that meets your needs.