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Green Loans for solar

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Green loans to help you harness the Australian sun

With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, we know coal provides a cheaper option for power generation, but it’s also a finite resource. That’s why more and more businesses are seeking out environmentally and economically sustainable options to keep their businesses running and green.

While there’s lots of renewable energy solutions available on a wider scale, for most individuals and small business owners, installing solar panels appears to be the solution of choice.

And the great news is Regional Finance Solutions are taking going green seriously. So much so, we’ve teamed up with some preferred lending partners to offer you some competitively priced finance packages for solar panels. For both business and personal clients.

Why choose us for your green loan needs?

We’re local

You’re choosing to help the planet

Very competitive green finance packages 

It’s time to go green

The world is changing and the time to go green is now. We need to look towards the future when it comes to the energy we use. The sun generates two types of energy – heat and light. And advances in solar technology mean we can harness both to power our lives today and into the future. 

Let’s look at some of the ways we can use solar energy in our homes and businesses.

  • electricity
  • water heating
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • lighting
  • portable solar (phones and tablets)
  • transportation

How much does it cost to go green?

While it’s true, the costs to install solar panels can be high, cleaner technology means costs are reducing. And let’s not forget, you’ll save money over time.

You’ll also need to talk to your solar expert about how many panels you can install and if you need a battery.

There’s lots to think about!

But this is why it’s important to chat with people you know and trust when it comes to sorting out your finances. 

Benefits of going green

  • solar power is free from pollution and emits no greenhouse gases
  • renewable clean energy every single day
  • Australia is sunny all the time so you may even be able to feed energy back into the grid (yep, they pay you!)
  • Solar panels are virtually maintenance free
  • If you’re so inclined, you can work towards going completely off grid.
  • Batteries can be used to store energy at night
  • You can install solar panels just about anywhere.

So what are you waiting for?

The terms are great and the sun is shining.

Call us now and start saving the planet and money. Your grandkids will thank you

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