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Rural loans for property and business

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Local solutions for rural loans from regional brokers

Finding a mortgage broker who understands you and what it means to live in rural or regional Australia will give you the reassurance you need. Comfort knowing you're getting the best rural loan solution for your personal or family situation.

When it comes to rural finance it’s our job to represent you. That’s why we take the time to understand your situation and what your goals are. This way we can give you the best possible chance of securing the right loan from one of the hundreds of lenders we partner with.

With offices throughout rural and regional Australia you’ll get local service with local knowledge.

Why choose us for your rural loan?

Personalised service from locals you can trust.

More loan choice through our lender partnerships.

Experience and expertise in rural lending.

More lending options for rural Australia

We’ve got relationships with more lenders than most mortgage brokers in Australia.  And that means access to hundreds of loan products. While that gives you more choice, we offer more than just that.

We analyse the best options for you, saving time, money and the stress of choosing the right loan. Our local lending specialists cut through the complexity to give you the best loan product matches available.

Rural lending experts

While we consider loan products from all over Australia, the service we provide is local.

We promise we will NOT ask you:

  • Does a dry land farmer mean the property doesn’t have a river running through it?
  • Why can’t you just harvest your crop in August?
  • What's the expected calving rate from your bullocks?

Yes, these are real questions we’ve been asked by the lending departments of banks. Questions we do NOT want you to have to deal with. So while we have access to hundreds of different lenders, not all of them understand the complexities of rural life.

And that’s where Regional Financial Solutions can help you. With an understanding of both worlds, we represent you to give your loan dreams the best possible chance. Even with lenders who’ve never stepped foot west of The Great Divide.

Our rural lending specialists are with you through every step of the lending process. Comparing loan products and providing you with the best options to suit your individual needs.

Plus, because we have  relationships with so many lenders, when you use our services, you'll pay no more than going directly with the lender.

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