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Rural Loans

We were once asked by a bank’s credit manager if being a dry land farmer meant that the property didn’t have a river running through it. Another asked us why the wheat farmer could not harvest his crop in August. Yet another asked about the calving rates from bullocks. And you wonder why you need to talk to a broker to help you deal with a bank when it comes to rural finance?

For the last 20 years banks have been centralising their credit departments into the capital cities, or even worse in some cases a credit manager in Melbourne will make a decision on a cattle station in North Queensland. Some of these people have never ventured over the Great Dividing Range, let alone know what is happening out here.

Part of the business of getting the right loan is being able to paint the right picture. We don’t pretend to be great artists, but we know how to present you in the best possible light to get a deal done. And the best part? Generally you pay no more by dealing with us rather than going directly to the lender.

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